SQUARE Brings Efficiency To Galileo ASB

By David Zhu and Tyler Huey, Staff Writers 

Square at ASB

ASB president, Yuyang Z., using the new Square system for a student purchase.

True to the reputation of Galileo as a school of technology, the ASB purchased a new system called SQUARE at the end of May 2016, to help the store run more efficiently by keeping track of inventory and to secure cash flow. The SQUARE system includes a iPad, iPad stand, register, barcode scanner, and a credit card chip reader. The new equipment allows the ASB to sell items to people not just paying cash but also with other methods like credit card or Apple Pay.  SQUARE system also includes an application on the iPad that has inventory tracking that helps the ASB know how much money was made that day.

The ASB, who have worked with the SQUARE system, are happy using it. ASB President Yuyang Zhong says,“It’s been a great system and efficient way that promote businesses.” The ASB advisor Mr.Wing adds “I think it’s excellent especially going into technology in school.”


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