Successful Club Day

By Francis Roceta & Marjorie Ruiz, STAFF WRITERS


Galileo students had a chance to interact with other peers who share the same interest during Club Day, which was held on September 2, in the courtyard during lunch.  Over 60 clubs participated in this year’s event. This year’s club day was more organized than previous ones because of the idea ASB President Yuyang Zhong came up with of having each club fill out a total of 3 forms. The first form was a student recognition form, the second form was a festival participation form, and the third, which was the newest one, was a flyer approval request form. Corresponding secretary Chris Liang, who was in charge of club day, processed the forms.

Many of those in attendence believe that Club Day was a successful event. ASB Advisor Mr. Wing says,”Club day was excellent & outstanding,” and Corresponding secretary Chris Liang, says,  “Club day was fun and it was interresting to see many club choices and opportonities.”

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