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Saturday, February 24, 2018

New Staff 2016-2017 (Lion Edition)

By: Stephanie Ho, Staff  Writers

Mr. John Bee (Chinese Teacher)

  1. Drove to Costa Rica in college, took about a month
  2. Lived in China for ten years
  3. Has been told he has an abnormally round head





Mr. Omar Amador (Counselor)image1

  1. Loves cats with a passion, he “calls himself a cat parent” and collects cat calendars.
  2. Goes to metal/punk concerts.
  3. Knows Steve Aoki,the electro house musician, and drove his tour bus



Mr. Robert Ayala (Social Studies Teacher)image3

  1. Named his cat after prime ministers: Barney and Church
  2. Loves to ride his bike to work
  3. Loves to read books




attach5534_20160824_133505Mr. Carlos La Grange (Special Ed Teacher)

  1. From San Diego
  2. Used to work for Apple
  3. Walks to school





20160909_130925Mr. Riley Statham (Science Teacher)

  1. Grew up in Charleston, SC.
  2. Enjoys playing games (mostly video, card, and board)
  3. One personal goal of his is to travel the world.

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