New Staff 2016-2017 (Lioness Edition)

By Ameesia Marold, Staff Writer

Ms. Janice Chen- Assistant Principalimage2

  1. Used to teach journalism and video production.
  2. Came to Galileo because she heard good things about the school and to learn from Dr. Reimer.
  3. Recently moved from Hawaii to be with her new fiancé.






screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-1-22-50-pmMs. Felicia Fa’ataui- Security Aide

  1. Has worked for elementary school, middle school, and high schools
  2. Found elementary the most challenging because of bullying
  3. Out of the three school levels, she prefers high school                                                                  





Ms. Cheryl Kapchan- Hospitality and Tourism Teacherunnamed

  1. Favorite sport is snowboarding
  2. Dedicated ashtanga yoga practicer
  3. Originally from NY








unnamed-2Ms. Christina Zawaideh- Tech Support Teacher

  1. Born and raised in San Francisco
  2. Has two dogs and a cat that she loves
  3. Performs spoken word poetry on the weekends







Ms. Ling Jing Nieh- Math Teacherimg_1076

  1. From Taiwan
  2. Has been in San Francisco for 31 years
  3. Enjoys sewing and singing





Ms. Michele Yee- Math Teacherunnamed-1

  1. From San Francisco
  2. Before this, she lived in LA
  3. Does not have a Facebook






Ms. Sydney Fisher- Wellness Coordinator 0

  1. Favorite food is Indian
  2. Came to Galileo because it is “awesome”
  3. Favorite hobby is boogie boarding


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