New Varsity Volleyball Coach Familiar To Players

By Marjorie Ruiz, Staff Writer

File_000The Galileo Girls Varsity Volleyball struggled during the 2016 season trying to adjust to a brand new coach, as coach Brandon Woo, who also coaches the Wallenberg boys volleyball team, replaced coach Norman Lew, who coached the team the last 4 years, after he stepped down to take care of other priorities.

For many of the girls, it was a weird feeling to be coached by someone new after being coached by the same person since freshman year. Senior Roalla Toy said, “Having a new coach after being coached by coach Norman for so long brought us down.”

But adjusting to coach Brandon wasn’t too hard for some of the girls because of his young age and also because some of the girls had him as a coach in previous leagues. “Having him as a coach was really good because you can interact with him,” said Senior Una Dang.  Senior Kiki Ma said, “The way he coached us at my other league was the same way he coached us at Gal. I like the way he coaches and also like how he connects with us in volleyball even outside of the court.”

Another strategy Coach Woo used to help the girls during the season was to bring in other people during practices to help the girls work on their skills. Sophomore Captain setter Britney Lau, in talking about Coach Woo, said, “He’s great! He spends more time with us, he brings in his own teammates for practice.”

Although some of the girls thought coach Brandon was a great addition to the team, some of the girls thought there were some things he could improve on.  A volleyball player who wanted to be anonymous said, “He has a lot of time to improve his skills at coaching volleyball because he is still at a young age and also I wished he gave all the players and equal amount of playing time. Also sometimes during practice he wouldn’t take practice seriously.”

Transitioning from boys to girls volleyball coach has been both an adjustment, but enjoyable one for Coach Woo. He says, “The girls have a lot of spunk and lots of potential, I like to motivate them by reminding them not to give up and to always give one hundred and ten percent.”

Although the team did not qualify for playoffs, players have been thrilled to work with Coach Woo. Senior Outside hitter, Captain Mikaela Dodge says, “ He is a good coach, he has good teaching skills that connects with teenagers.”

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