Girls Tennis Team’s Ambitious Plan for the Future

By Joseline Saucedo,  Staff Writer

This year, the girls’ tennis team has a big plan. Seeing that there is no boys tennis team at Galileo, the girls’ goal this year is to try and incorporate boys into their tennis practices. The girls want to at least give boys who enjoy playing tennis, a space where they can practice with other tennis players. “We haven’t had a boys tennis team for a while, while the other schools do,” says the Co-captain of the Girls Tennis Team, Bebe Tran. She added, “Last year, (senior) Ernesto Yelou would come to the practices and it gave me a different perspective because playing against girls is nice, but playing against guys would be more competitive and give us more experience”.

Ernesto went to practices last year with the girls tennis team. He was the only boy attending the girls tennis team’s practices, which is why the girls tennis team wants to include boys into their practices.

When Ernesto learned there was no boys tennis team, he did not know what to do. “I was disappointed,” he said. “I found tennis really fun during my junior year and wanted to play with people from school, but that didn’t happen because there wasn’t a boys tennis team.” The girls tennis team members were open and welcoming to Ernesto. Thanks to the girls tennis team, he was able to practice with other people.

While Bebe is not too sure how and when she will accomplish implementing boys into the girls tennis team’s practices, she has plans. The girls tennis team is planning on advertising and persuading. “I plan the integration for practices will be casual and towards the end of the girls season,” she says.

There is a possibility the boys team will return next year, which is why the girls tennis team is trying hard to recruit now and advertise for a team that will later be formed. While this integration is still in the works, the girls tennis team is working hard for it to happen.

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