Pep Rallies Show Off Competitive Spirit

By Joshua Lizardo, Staff Writer

6lnnc-e1z7kwgjtwn4i9ubzajwe-6xzij6m6pf1p9q6s7gg0jvckpvxopixcGalileo has a number of ways for students to show school spirit, and participating at the pep rallies at lunch on Friday’s in the courtyard are a great way to do so. Pep rallies, hosted by the ASB, are games that 4 students from each class compete in to gain the most pep points. The class with the most pep points at the end of the year are given a “Staff of Spirit” as  acknowledgement to the winning class.  Seniors Jerick Annonuevo and Tommy Yu  describe them to be fun and exciting, “Especially dodgeball,” Jerick exclaimed. Junior Parker Jones says, “These pep rallies bring everyone closer together.”  Senior activity coordinator, Joyce Li tells Galileo Press, “students love to get competitive and wild, they [pep rallies] are a way to support your class and get involved.”

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