PTSA sponsors College Night for Parents & Students

By Jirayut (George) Mahaprom and David Zhu, Staff writer


English Presentation

Over one hundred parents and students combined, came to the first PTSA (Parent-teacher-student association) sponsored College Night on Wednesday September 14th, where parents and students received information about how can students applying to college, and how colleges in California work.

The presentation was given in three languages (English, Spanish & Chinese).  They also had a table of food & refreshments, as well as informative pamphlets. The presenters, counselor Ms. Galdamez, college counselor Ms. Chan & college career counselor Mr. Smith informed parents about programs and opportunities available for some of the colleges they talked about. Mr. Smith was in charge of the English presentation, Miss Galdamez presented in Spanish and Miss Chan presented in Chinese. According to counselor Bai Zhen, the multiple languages presented made this special. He says, “The presentation was unique, because we presented it, in three different language.”

Ms. Chan believes this presentation was important because of the number of different backgrounds that Galileo students come from. She said, “I think for a lot of the students are first generation college students, because the parents didn’t go to college in United States, often time the family don’t know how to get their kids go to college, which is why this meeting was meant to educated the parents and students.”

Spanish Presentation


Chinese Presentation


Table of food and refreshments

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