Where did the Macs go?

By Joseline Saucedo, Staff Writer

The disappearance of the macs in room 260, might’ve taken students by surprise at the beginning of the new school year, especially those who frequently used them. Although not a lot was announced on the chromebooks replacing the macs, Galileo principal Dr. Reimer has explained why the computers had to be switched out.

The first reason for the removal of the computers was because they were too old. One thing Dr. Reimer worries about is that the upgrade cycle on all the computers are down to about three years. Every time there is an investment on the computers, it only lasts around three years. "When I first came here last year, I had our team kind of do a tech inventory and what we realized were those macintoshes were over 5 years old". In addition to the age of the computers, Dr. Reimer said the expansion and upgrading process was impossible on the macs and there wasn't enough memory.

Even though the macintoshes are gone from the computer lab, they are not gone from the school. "The old macintoshes are still here on campus. We sent them out to like different teachers rooms, some secretaries needed a newer computer, so we didn't get rid of them, they are still here on campus, but they are used in different offices.”, said Dr. Reimer.

The second reason for the switch out of the computers was because of the budget. There was a survey passed out to staff about the technology here at Galileo and the school decided to upgrade the macs to chromebooks. The school went with the low-cost, yet higher performance computers because of the budget limitations. Out of the 10.3 million dollars of this year’s budget, 70,500 dollars is available for technology upgrades. "If you don’t keep on chipping away at it, you can run into problems. Every year we have to make good investments as a team," Dr. Reimer says about the computer lab upgrades.

The third reason for switching the macintoshes for the chromebooks was because of the SBAC [testing during Junior year]. In addition to the life-span and budget requirements, the computers have to make sure they can support the SBAC testing. Since the SBAC is taken online, the school has to make sure the computers they buy from now on are compliant with the SBAC.

With three computer labs in the school, it's hard at the moment to upgrade all the computers. So far, only half of the computer lab has received a change in computers. Dr. Reimer’s plan is to upgrade all computer labs in the nearby future. “We will continue to invest in technology and to try to upgrade things slowly over time… It will take a couple of years but if we keep on going like this, I’d like to have Galileo lead the entire district in terms of technology,” says Dr. Reimer.

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