Questions with Angel: Ms. Chen

IMG_1231By Angel Salado, Staff writer

This week I interviewed the Vice Principal, Janice Chen who is in charge of building and ground, and her first year at Galileo.

Q: What is your position at Galileo?

A: I am the vice principal in charge of building and ground.

Q: Have you had a position as a vice principal before?
A: I was a teacher in Hawaii for 7 years then I went into administration and was an assistant principal for 4 years in elementary and high school.

Q: Where are you from?
A: I'm born and raised from the South Bay grew up in Cupertino.

Q: What college did you graduate from?
A: I got my bachelors and teaching credentials from San Jose State then I moved to Hawaii and got two masters; one in teaching and one in educational administration. Then I just finished my doctorate degree from USC and moved back to San Francisco in the summer.

Q: What are some of your hobbies?
A: I use to paddle when I was in Hawaii, I also play golf just for fun, although in SF I haven't found any new hobbies but I hear there are lots of nice places in the city to visit.

Q: Why did you chose Galileo?
A: I was told that the staff and administrative team at Galileo was a great group of people to work with, and it was a great school. Also I wanted to live in SF.

Q: What is the purpose of a vice principal?
A: My purpose is to deal with all the facilities, operations, most of testing, and the accounting budget.

Q: How does your position help students?
A: My position is focused on helping the teachers and making sure everything runs smooth, but ultimately the students come first because if the teachers are happy then the students can benefit. The only way I help students is in testing because I coordinate and make sure everyone does the test they need.

Q: Can you give an example of how you are in charge of testing?
A: The PSAT is coming up so I have to coordinate and make sure that all the sophomores are signed, and I have to find out the logistics for every test.

Q: What are some ways you assist the principal in?
A: The programs I have going on is work that the principal assigns to me there is no way that one man can do so many things.

Q: What would be your goal for Galileo?

A: My goal is to see people more connected to the school, it seems to me everyone does their own thing. I gather that there is a need for connections in between everyone so that the students are more comfortable with their teachers or with staff even myself so kids can come by and say “Hi” and we as staff can just be here to listen and help them, I think that it will be better for the school.

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