Principal’s Vision for a Better Galileo


Dr.Reimer showing off the newly renovated Van Ness gym.

By Tyler and David - Staff writer

To improve the overall look of the school, Galileo’s principal Dr. Reimer has plans to make major renovations to some of the facilities at the school. One of the projects, the Van Ness gym is already almost complete, and Dr. Reimer also hopes to revamp the cafeteria, bay gym along with the weight room and the observatory on the roof in the coming years.

The reason Dr. Reimer wants to make these improvements is because he wants to be able to give the best to Galileo students. “I want to offer as much as possible, state of the art facilities,” Dr. Reimer stated.

The first step was the Van Ness gym which was newly renovated over the summer. They re-painted the walls because it had lead in the paint, put in new lights and heaters and they took out the ladders on the side. Although the gym looks new, there are still things to finish. Dr. Reimer says, “We are still waiting to put in new blinds and windows which will take place next summer.”

There are three other projects still in the works. The cafeteria will be the first project coming up because, according to Dr. Reimer, it’s currently, “grimy and unwelcoming.” The plans are unknown as of right now, but he will talk to the project manger of the future dining experience(FDE), Lauren Heumann and will find out in a month of what the plans will be.

After the cafeteria is redone, the old observatory will be changed. Dr. Reimer is excited about this project because the observatory hasn’t been used in a long time and it will give the Galileo community an opportunity to use it. The plans are to add a new telescope in the observatory and try to hook it up to the computer connecting to the auditorium so it can broadcast images from what the telescope is pointing at. The project cannot be started until later in the year because the money needed for it will be a part of a bond on the November ballot.

Finally, the bay gym will be renovated too, along with the stands above the gym. There are also plans for the weight rooms to be changed, to install better equipment. However, the bay gym is the last thing on Dr. Reimer’s agenda, and may not be renovated for another 5 years.

Students at Galileo are excited about the new renovations that Dr.Reimer has planned. “I feel good that the Bay gym will get renovated because it needs work and it’s good idea,” Senior Matthew N. said. Junior Tony Y. added, “I feel it [the Bay gym] will be nicer because it doesn’t look welcoming right now.” Senior Daisy L. agreed stating, “It’s good because the bay gym is ugly so it needs some cleaning up to do.”

Some people disagree though and believe the money should go to other things. Senior Gabby M. said, “That’s fine but I don’t feel like he should just work on the surface level things but other things that are more important. Senior Winnie Z. stated, “I think we should worry more about the lead pipes, and earthquake protection instead of worrying about more stuff that currently works. They should use that money to pay the janitor more because they do a lot of stuff and they deserve it.”

Senior Claudio A. said, “we should use the money to have cleaner bathrooms instead because I’m tired of piss puddles and poo everywhere.” Senior Samantha F. said, “We should use some of the money to make a free dance because some people want to go to them, but can’t afford it.”

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