Another Low Attendance at Back To School Night


Parents and students gathering for a classroom demonstration

By Ameesia Marold

This year about 300 parents attended Galileo’s Back To School Night, which took place on Thursday, September 29th. Although this seems like low number of parents, considering the school has over 1900 students, the number of attendees is very consistent with other Back to School Nights, largely due to the location of the school. Galileo is not a community school, and for most parents it is a far commute. Other reasons the turnout may have been so low is because parents also have work, or family responsibilities.


Students present their clubs to the parents

Teachers reported seeing a consistently low number of parents in their classes. According to History teacher Mr. Jung, “Around 20 parents came, it’s been about the same for the last few years.” Other teachers commented they had similar amount of parents come. “Maybe 20-25 parents, very consistent but not a huge number,” says Chemistry teacher Mr. Grimm. Spanish Teacher, Ms. Alicia also says, “About 20 parents, this stays the same among my junior and senior classes.”

Students all had reasons for why their parents were unable to attend. “My parents didn’t come because they had work”, said 11th grader Berkeley Wang. Similarly, 10th grader Timothy Chang said, “No they didn’t come because they were busy”. Other students simply didn’t tell their parents. According to 10th grader Jackie Molina, “They didn’t come because I didn’t tell them about it”.


Parents watch the JROTC performance

Despite the low turnout, the school tried to organize more things for parents to see. There was a greater variety of clubs and activities displayed by the students. There was also a station of computers set up for parents to register for school loop. Lastly, the students filled out their schedules to give to their parents rather than the school handing them out.

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