Teacher of the Month Revived!

image1By Ameesia, Staff writer

ASB Officers recently decided that Galileo teachers deserve more appreciation, which fueled the idea of bringing back “Teacher of the Month”. Each month, a teacher will be selected based on a category. The category is announced at the beginning of the month and the school votes. Students can vote by going to the ASB room 150, or scanning the code on the flyer with a smartphone. This month, the category is best dressed, and the teacher who wins will be announced at the end of this month. The teacher who wins will receive a prize.
According to ASB President Yuyang Zhong, the idea to appreciate teachers was a priority that was developed collectively and proposed by all ASB officers.

The idea of having a teacher of the month is not a new idea at Galileo. “The Teacher of the month was first seen in the 1980’s, and is now being revived by the student government officers. It’s a great idea,” says ASB advisor Mr. Wing.

Teachers are excited about the opportunity to be recognized. “I think it’s a great idea, we should recognize our teachers,” says chemistry teacher Mr. Grimm. English teacher Ms.Gates added, “I am pro prizes, all for it, and I want to win!”

The first teacher of the month competition was in September. The theme was best dressed, and English teacher, Mr. Lee won.

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