Lion’s Whisper: What does Galileo think about the clown sightings?

By Joseline Saucedo and Stephanie Ho, Staff Writers

With Halloween approaching, clowns have become the new trend. Although this scare trend started in the East Coast, there have been sightings of clowns on the West Coast. Clowns have not only been terrorizing people, but also killing them. As the clown situation arises, fear is being embedded into people. With this new fear, how are Galileo students reacting to it? How do they feel about these terrifying clowns and how would they react to seeing one?



“First of all I hate clowns. I think the clowns are taking it as a joke and just scaring people and killing people. I would run away to safety, but I wouldn’t if it’s one of those guys playing around.” – Noelia Vega, Freshman









“I think it’s stupid because people think it’s funny and by doing those jokes a lot of them get killed. I don’t know what I would do. If they run towards me I would run away and call the police.” – Oliver Cortes, Freshman


img_1148“I think it’s scary. It’s like a real-life horror movie. I would probably get some weapons and run to a high place.” – Lucia Huang, Sophomore










“I think it’s just very unrealistic because it’s very scary and it’s like those people are like psychotic. I would probably run as fast as I can and go to where there are a bunch of people because I don’t think they will appear on a populated street. It’s better not go out at night alone.” – Sam Huang, Sophomore


img_1154“They’re scary and they’re a little overhyped. People on twitter are just trying to scare everyone. Clown sightings are going to make Halloween scary and really boring. I’m naturally scared of clowns and I
would probably run and scream.” – Krupa Patel, Junior








“I find it funny because it’s dumb to me. To be honest, I would record then run a little bit . If I was with a group of friend I would chill there, but if he started running towards me then I would run.” – Thomas Girmay, Junior


img_1146It’s very dangerous because Halloween is coming up and people like pulling pranks and you have to be aware. I would run, but there is an app called Safe Treck. You could press it whenever you feel in danger and it sends messages to your closest friends. – Katerine Chung, Senior









It’s creepy because some people are scared of clowns and more people will be scared of clowns now. If it was in public I wouldn’t be scared . I could just run away. I’ll be scared if I’m by myself and if it’s approaching me – Adeel Shaikh, Senior



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