Oktober Fest Rain Out Creates Crowded Hallyways

file_0002-min By Ameesia Marold, Staff Writer

For the second year in a row Oktober Fest at Galileo was rained out. This changed the plans for holding it in the courtyard and ASB officers decided to be move it to the second floor. Due to the change in location, students had to cram in one area of the school in order to get food. Although students were happy with the food selection available, the overcrowding was a problem.

A number of students commented about the difficulty they felt in maneuvering amongst the crowd. “I enjoyed the food, especially the chicken katsu, what I did not enjoy were the bunches of students shoving each other,” says Senior Jerrick Annuevo. Freshman Estevan Dodge added, “The chicken and corn was good, but I had to hold my food above my head, it was too hard to get through.”
Some students had better ideas about where food fest should be, “Everyone was so crowded in the hall, it should have been in the gym” said senior Joei Yu. Sophomore Ryan Huang said, “Food was great, but people ran out too fast, cafeteria is a better place to hold it.”
“It had some nice food, many different types, when all that good food out there it’s gonna be crowded” said junior Tony Lewis
According to ASB officer Christopher Liang, who was in charge of Oktoberfest, said, “I wanted to put the tables far apart so there would be more of a walkway, a lot of people were pushing. But it was great, a lot of people sold out and everyone was happy.”ASB advisor Mr. Wing said, “Nothing we could do about the crowds, we were dealing with the rain, it is better outdoors. I thought it turned out pretty good, they sold out. ”

Overall, Oktober Fest was a success. The fest featured 17 clubs, some selling homemade food and other store bought. The food was so delicious that every club sold out. The only drawback to Oktober Fest was the location and overcrowding. This could be a learning experience for future food fests. There are better alternatives to where they could be held.

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