Song and Yell Diary: Joyce Li

By Bryan Lam, Staff Writer

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Joyce Li (Left side) poses at Galileo’s Song and Yell Photo

Galilopress asked senior Joyce Li, ASB commissioner of activities and rallies, to journal her day during Galileo’s 72nd Song and Yell. Here is her story:

5:00 a.m- I woke up around 5:00, I planned to arrive at school at 6 to finish up the posters for Song and Yell. But I took so long to get ready, I ended up coming to Galileo at 7:00 a.m.

7:55 a.m- After First period, I went onto to the football field to finish up the poster. I also had to calculate all the class points and had to make sure all the audio files for the skits got in.

8:05 a.m- Usually I would have breakfast but today since I was in a rush I didn't get anything to eat. All I ate was a little piece of bread from my friend before I went to prep for Song and Yell.

8:20 a.m- During 2nd period we had to prep for Song and Yell. I had to make sure all the audio files were in order and make sure everyone went to practice at the right time. Almost everyone came to the football field on time, which made me glad.

9:00 a.m- After finishing up the poster and getting all the audio files, I had to finish a couple of other things. I was blowing up 12 beach balls and creating a Snapchat filter for Galileo Song and Yell. I wanted to create a Snapchat filter because since this is our last year we wanted to do something fun like that filter.

10:00 a.m- Going into Song and Yell I was already stressed. We practiced our skits before the Song and Yell event. Each class gets 3 rehearsal. Our rehearsal went find. Watching the Juniors practice got me really nervous because they looked more ready than we did.

11:45 a.m- (Sophomores performance) Watching the sophomores  perform, I was really into their skit because there song selection was cute, their dance was nice and synchronized, and overall was good.

11:50 a.m-(Juniors performing) Watching the juniors perform got me really pumped up because it was good, and original.

12:00 p.m-(Senior's get ready to perform) As we got ready to perform I told the group, 'Hey, we have been working for 2 months, just remember to give all of your energy and have fun because its our last Song and Yell."

12:25 p.m- As Song and yell came to an end, I held my friend’s hand waiting to see, who won. In my mind, I was not sure who was going to win this year. As I closed my eyes and continued to listen to Dr. Reimer announce the winner.

Dr. Reimer then announced that "This year's Song and Yell winner goes to the seniors!"

12:30 p.m- I represented my soccer team by giving a short announcement to tell the girls to come out to practice. In my mind, no one was there to represent the girl’s soccer team. So I made an announcement that we needed more girls.

12:35 p.m-(End of Song and Yell) After Song and Yell I was really exhausted and hungry. To celebrate the victory my friends and I went to go get some boba during lunch. I got a regular milk tea.

1:15 p.m- After lunch was over, I headed back to my 5th-period class, English.

3:10 p.m- After school I waited for the charter bus to pick me up to go yell some more at the football game.


Featured Image Photo Credits :  Franklin Zheng


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