Galileo’s Married Teacher Couples

By Stephanie Ho, Staff Writer 

Most teachers prefer to keep their school and home life separate, but for some teachers at Galileo, the two are unavoidable when these teachers are married and work at the same school. Although being married and teaching at the same school may be awkward for some, those that are married find that working at Galileo together is both fun and convenient.

imageMath teachers Mr. Curtin and Ms. Liang are the most well-known married couple among the students at Galileo. Since they both teach the same subject, math, it is easier for the both of them to support each other. Mr. Curtin stated, “I think that it has helped both of us grow as math teachers by being able to learn from each other. It is also fun to say that if you want to take Pre-Calculus at Galileo you have to learn from one of us!” It is also easier for Mrs. Liang when she is sick because Mr. Curtin can help her make a sub-plans.

Mr. Curtin and Mrs. Liang met eight years ago in the teaching credential program at CSU East Bay while they both lived in Berkeley. Mrs. Liang started teaching at Galileo five years ago and Mr. Curtin transferred to Galileo three years ago to make things easier for Mrs. Liang since she was pregnant.

The two of them rarely have any arguments about school or anything else. Mr. Curtin said, “I can’t remember us having any disagreements about math. That is most likely due to the fact that when it comes to math (and pretty much everything else) Ms. Liang is always right.”

imagejpeg_0Another couple, is science teachers Mr. Grimm and Mrs. King . They met 16 years ago at graduate school in New York both while both majoring in Science. They both came to work at Galileo because, “Ms. King told me about a job fair at New York and I agreed to go with her,” said Mr. Grimm.

Because they both teach the same subject, they sometimes talk about the students at home to give some insights to each other, However they prefer to keep school related conversations at school. Mr. Grimm states, “Occasionally [we talk about school] but we avoid talking about work at home.”

Another married teacher couple declined to be interviewed for this story.



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