Song And Yell Favoritism?


By Tyler Huey, Staff writer 

As most people at Galileo predicted, the outcome of the 72nd Song and Yell on October 7 was the same as almost every year Song & Yell has been held, the seniors won again. Numerous underclassmen think that the contest is rigged because the seniors always win no matter who’s skit is the best or how spirited other classes are.

Many in this year’s junior class believe they performed better than the seniors this year and rightfully should have won the contest. Jason Averilla said, “Juniors should have won and seniors shouldn’t have because they weren’t as coordinated as other classes, didn’t have good songs and they didn’t include as many people in their performances than we did.”

Junior class president Kayla Lam said, “Juniors should have won because we put in way more work than other classes and we  included more people in our performance.” Stella Magill added, “Juniors should have won but since it is the seniors last year they deserve to win and be recognized and once you start a tradition you can’t break it.”

Some believe the contest isn’t predetermined, however, and that the seniors deserved the victory this year. These people point to a great perform by the seniors, and in general, usually win because they have more experience and more people willing to participate. Secretary II Ms. Grinnell said, “Students over the years get more spirited and that is what the judges look for throughout Song and Yell.” Senior class president Jeffery Cheng said, “45-50 people participated in this year’s skit, which is a little more people than last year. They really stepped it up over previous years.”

Despite what some people believe, the Song and Yell judges actually follow specific guidelines to score the classes on how well they did. Some things that factor into the scoring are: how spirited and prepared they are purchasing ASB stickers and homecoming tickets. They use a score sheet and put numerical values on how well each class performed. After that, ASB Advisor Mr. Wing the ASB adds up all the scores and determines the winner.

Although other classes may dispute whether the seniors really should have won, many of the seniors felt their victory was well deserved. Samantha Fong said, “Seniors won because we were the loudest during the chants and we had a really funny skit.” Winnie Zhang said, “Seniors win because as seniors, we all realize our it’s our last year at Galileo  so we put in all of our spirits.” Kobe Lee said, “Seniors won because we were creative and since it’s our last year we are going out with a bang.”

No matter how the underclassmen feel about Song & Yell, the senior class always winning does create anticipation for some next year.  “I am excited for next year because I am going to be a senior and I would like to win for once,” both Juniors Parker and Bianca Peirano exclaimed.

Thumbnail credit : Franklin Zheng

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