Debate Club Arrives at Galileo

By Joseline Saucedo, Staff Writer

IMG_1269As a way to achieve his goal of becoming a master debater, club founder, senior Francisco Chavez-Zapata decided to form the debate club, one of Galileo’s newest clubs this year. He decided to form the club after taking Ms. Ung’s U.S History class final, which included a huge debate. “I enjoyed debating in Ms. Ung’s class and I had a set mind on eventually making it [the debate club],” says Francisco.

Francisco pitched the idea of a debate club to Ms. Ung and she gladly accepted becoming the sponsor. “I believed in what Francisco was doing. It was a great idea. I like the idea of these students taking a leadership role as it’s important for students to have fun debating, supporting their arguments with examples and concrete sources,” says Ms. Ung.

As a way to appeal to the student’s everyday life, the Debate club discusses everyday topics that relate to students as well as current events concerning students. “Debating is very important…talking about things such as the presidential debates that is happening now. It can help everyone understand where each candidate is getting their points and how they are using that against the other opponent.” says Francisco.

“The Debate Club’s goals are simple: to encourage people to debate and to not crash and burn,” says Francisco.

The debating process happens in steps. Because the debate team meets Tuesdays and Thursdays, they have a lot of time to plan. The first Tuesday of each month is used to come up with topics for the month. The members then categorize the topics into three sections: serious, semi-serious, and silly. The month starts out with a silly topic being debated, so it eases into the serious topic.

“I think debating is fun. It helps give people a space for them to seriously debate about really sensitive issues. It’s also a space that allows for light humor. It’s like a fun way to learn a new skill. It helps shy people to become confident speakers,” says Justin Chen.

The debate club meets Tuesdays and Thursdays during lunch in room 316 in Ms. Ung’s room. Although a lot of students signed up to be a part of the club, there are currently only 6 consistent students showing up.

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