Bay Gate closes for safety

By Victor Ortiz, Staff writer

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Due to safety reasons, the Galileo administration has decided to close the gate on Bay street during lunch. In the past, the school has had issues regarding random strangers walking onto campus. There was a lot of speculation surrounding this topic and the staff has considered closing the gate for many years, but because recently many alumni had been easily walking into the school. It’s not the alumni that the administration fears, it’s just that it made the administration feel that having the gate open puts students at risk since anyone can waltz right onto campus. Though, the gate will not be closed all the time, it will only be closed during class time, and it will be open in the mornings until 8:15 AM. According to Dr. Chen, the gate on bay street will not be used as a “common walkway” but instead will be used as an

“accessible exit in the event of an emergency.” Despite everything however, the change has finally been made and with this move being executed, Galileo’s administration believes the school will be a much safer place.

Vice Principal Ms.Chen explains the reasoning behind closing the gate. She says,  “The idea [why we need to close the gates] is that [before the gate was locked] anyone right off the street can walk onto our campus which poses a safety threat.”

There has been a ton of different opinions about this issue, some students agree with the administration and believe the gate needs to be closed. Senior Jason Liao said, “I feel like this is the right thing to do, it protects the students.” Giving a similar opinion, Senior James Lau states that “It gives extra protection for the school, so if someone who isn’t a student or isn’t a part of school grounds comes in, the gate will protect us.”

On the other hand, there are other students who disagree because it limits their freedom. Senior Win Xiao says, “I’m locked out of my own school, I think that’s a negative thing.” Another Senior Adeel Shaikh adds, “I feel like there’s a lot of people leaving the school and it gets crowded, it’s a negative thing”.

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