Galileo Homecoming: Dancing through the Decades

By  Marjorie Ruiz, Staff writer


Even though this year’s homecoming dance didn’t reach the goal of tickets sold, many of the attendees of the dance considered this year’s dance a lot better than last year.  The homecoming dance, Dancing through the Decades, featured a better DJ, which led to more students dancing & saying they enjoyed the first dance of the year at Galileo.

A lot of the attendees of the dance said many positive things in regards to the homecoming dance. ASB historian Diana Faustino also said,  “It was more fun because of the company and the location of the dance was very spacious. And I also liked the ice cream bar.” Junior Miguel Cruz added, “I really liked how they had a ice cream bar.”

In addition to serving ice cream at the dance, the ASB offered popcorn, and an assortment of drinks. “We wanted to attract more people to the dance with ice cream & drinks,” says ASB Social Vice President David Zhu.


Photo Credits : David Zhu

The ASB also offered a photo-booth for students to capture memories from the evening, but it wasn’t as popular as the snacks. “The photo-booth was ‘whack’. It wasn’t even a real photo-booth,” said senior Valerie Mar. However, many students did take advantage of the booth to capture memories of the night.

Although many students had fun at the event, the ASB only managed to sell 170 tickets of the expected 330 causing the ASB to lose $5000. “We didn’t get to advertise and publicize the dance much because we were to busy and caught up with Song and Yell,” said ASB President Yuyang Zhong. They will try to make up the deficit they lost from the homecoming dance through ticket sales for the winterball, which is being held on December 14th.

Another reason tickets may not have sold well for the dance was because it took place the night before many seniors were taking the ACT, which meant some people had to miss out on an unforgettable school event. Senior Arion Webb said, “A lot of people had the ACT the next day like me and some of us had to debate whether to have a good night or a good future.”

During the dance, Galileo named Senior Claudio Aldag homecoming king and Senior Winnie Zhang homecoming queen. Winnie was happy and delighted to be queen. She said, “It’s always been my dream since middle school to become a queen for a high school dance like in movies, you know I gotta live that cliche.“

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