First Time Teeing Off


The Girl’s Golf team

By Joshua Lizardo, Staff Writer

This years Galileo girl’s golf team may not have had the best record (2-6), but considering the entire team was made up of first year golfers, they exceeded expectations.  All 6 girls on the team never played on a golf team before, let alone they had never even picked up clubs before the season. Despite their inexperience, the girls decided to join the team because they thought it would be fun to join as friends and because golf didn’t seem to take as much effort as other sports.

After experiencing playing golf on the school team for the first team, many of the players wish they had joined sooner. They enjoyed the experience playing with each other as well as the chance to try something new. Seniors Jyoty Dong & Jessica Huang said, “It wasn’t only fun just because I was surrounded by friends, but I also embraced the opportunity to learn a new sport.”
“I enjoyed playing golf, but my favorite part was being able to hang out with some good friends, that’s the reason I chose to play,”  says senior Christine Lam. Junior Annie Wu added, “Playing golf is 100 times better being there with a friend.”

Not only did the girls on the team get to play the game together, but they also learned something things about the game of golf. Annie said she learned how to get the ball in the hole easy, while Christine said, “I gained a greater appreciation for the sport and golfers in general, it’s honestly a harder sport than it seems, it takes time, effort, and concentration.”
The person responsible for helping to lead these girls to an appreciation of the sport was Coach Sklarz. Coach Sklarz came back to coaching golf after taking last year off. Coach Sklarz enjoyed coaching this group of first time golfers, but also has  He said,  “I only wish that they joined earlier because it’s not only a sport, but a gateway to college, especially for some. The girls need to understand that there are options out there that can benefit your college application.”

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