Galileo Students Working At Starbucks

By Stephanie Ho, Staff Writer


Fela Adewusi (Barista)

Galileo students are always looking for a part-time job during the school year to earn money and gain experience. One of the most popular places for Galileo students to work at is Starbucks. The majority of Galileo students who work at Starbucks applied for the position because one of their friends referred them, but Galileo students choose to work at Starbucks because they feel it’s easy to get hired, they get paid well, and they also give free food and drinks.

A lot of the students who work there have given their thoughts on why they enjoy being a Starbucks employee. One of them being Fela Adewusi, who has been working there for 5 months, stated, “A lot of my friends work there and they have good benefits and it is close to school. I [also] get to [meet] new people and you can make a lot of friends there. It’s pretty easy once you work there for a long time.” Another senior Ady Granados said, “I guess you have to learn how to work with people you don’t want to work with. All my co-workers are all nice and accepting.”

Senior Julian Hou talked about managing his time while working at Starbucks. He said, “Its pretty easy. I still have time to do homework and stuff after work. I have weekends to study and stuff. [I applied for the job] because it was close to school and home. [I also] wanted money and [the] benefits. [I don’t like anything but] the pay.”

“I had a friend who were already working at that store and introduced me to it. I was just really eager to work and this was the first offer I got. I get free drinks [and the] people there are cool. I go by the book. It [also] takes time to be really good at it. The [schedule and] amount of hours I get are pretty easy and I get a big fat check,”said another senior Millen Aradaza.

On the other hand, many of these same students gave reasons on why working there can also be difficult or challenging. Fela said, “It is also really difficult. They are rude to me and it is fast paced, not slow. [I also] stay up really late at night to do homework.”

Ady agreed with Fela’s adding, “The only hard part is dealing with customers when I’m not able to defend myself to mean customers. Sometimes when it’s a big rush and I forget to greet customers and say thank you. I have a straight face and that is bad for customer service.”

It seems most of the issues centered around customer service. Julian said, “I have to deal with crappy customers. [The only thing I struggle with is] being on time and sometimes I have to stay after school.”

However, Millen had a different fear from working at Starbucks, saying, “I get afraid when I mess up and the manager there is strict and I kind of get scared if I mess up. You [also] can’t get free drinks and food for your friends. To be honest it is pretty difficult because I work every weekend and on the schooldays I start at 6 – 10 or I end at 8 – 10 and that sucks because I try to do homework. I hate the teachers who give a lot of homework and I try not to let it ruin me. It also means I get let little sleep or maybe even none. Basketball season is also coming up and I don’t plan on quitting. The only struggle is staying on your feet the whole time and I get tired. I usually work wearing heels.”

Working throughout the year gaining experience for students is great because they get a chance to see how the real world works. It also helps them be more organized and have more time management skills. Overall, the students get benefits from working at a young age and it helps them be a better person.

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