Lion’s Whisper: Clinton vs. Trump

By Joseline Saucedo, Staff Editor and Stephanie Lee, Staff Editor

One of the biggest news events  in the country, is the United States’ presidential campaign. With the history that Hillary Clinton and Trump have, any talk around the election has become controversial. Now that the election is here, we had to get Galileo’s opinion on what they think about it. We asked students and teachers a few questions: What do you think about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton running for president? Who would you vote for/are voting for, if any and why?

img_1404“I am voting for Hillary Clinton mainly because she has proven that she has lots of experience of being the senator. She has contributed a lot to schools and education. She has done so much for the Hispanic and Asian community. Donald Trump did nothing for our community.” – Mr. Wing, Science Teacher








“I’m voting for Hillary Clinton. It’s clear to me that one candidate has the basic intelligence and experience to be president and one does not.” – Ms. Nelson, Math Teacher


img_1283“I’m a little disappointed in our final options but the prospect of Trump being president frightens me way more than Hillary. I would vote for Hillary for two reasons: 1. that’s the most cleanest way to be president and 2. she does have the ability to lead. ” – Mr. Barrios, Science Teacher








I voted for Hillary Clinton for president. The choice seems so obvious but unfortunately, a good portion of our fellow citizens do not feel that way. I hope  that after the election we can heal some of the divides between us because our country and the world as a whole have some huge problems that we need to face together.” – Mr. Curtin, Math Teacher                         


img_1275“I think that something should happen to Hillary so that Bernie runs again. Trump should stop spraying himself with a spray tan. I would not vote because I don’t want to support either one of them.” – Bryson Zheng, 9th









“They’re jokes, clowns. No one because I don’t want to vote for them. They’re both dumb.” – George Ung, 10th



img_1328“I think they’re clowns and it’s the saddest election in American history. If I could vote, I would vote for Clinton only because she’s a democrat and if she was elected she would have the power to replace the judges in the supreme court. I also think Obama was a good president, but the only reason he didn’t get stuff done was because the supreme court was mostly republicans and if Hillary wins she’ll replace them with democrats. It’ll be mostly democrats in the supreme court and I think this would help the country.” – Emily Montiel, 11th






“I am team Hillary because I think Donald Trump is a joke and should not be eligible to run for president. If it was up to me I would have Bernie as president or Kanye 2020. I would vote for Hillary because Trump is way worse than her and because I would always want to vote for a democrat. And her stance on climate change and immigration is good. #Kanye2020 #BringBackBernie” – Sophia Carr



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