Futurama and Their Snacks

By Victor Ortiz, Staff Writer


Futurama’s popularity has been unexpectedly high the past few years. The program, which offers a place for students to hang out after school, is averaging anywhere from 150-200 students per day. “Attendance is really good, we were only supposed to average 100 students a day,” stated Futurama director Rahul Sharma.

A main reason for it’s success is that students really enjoy the snacks that Futurama provides which consists of milk, along with different fruits, and some type of main course such as a sandwich, or soup. “My favorite part about Futurama is to be honest the food that they serve after school, it just tastes better than the school lunch,” says senior Kobe Lee. A senior that wanted to remain anonymous adds, “I was in the program, so they provide food for people. It’s good and I like how it [the food] is filling and healthy so that’s my favorite part since I usually have practice after school.”

Beyond just snacks, students also attend Futurama to get involved in a number of different recreational activities. There are programs that cover a wide range of student interests, such as movie club, where students enjoy watching films together, DJ club, which guides students a chance to learn about producing music and the B-Boys, where they practice dancing and perform for assemblies. As a member of the B-boys, Jason Zhou says, “currently we’re practicing for our performance, and learning different moves, the club is everyday after school to 6PM.” Another B-boy member Eveline Lee added, “My favorite part about the program is the people there.”

Volunteer opportunities are also given for anyone looking to help out at certain events. And if a student wishes to do none of those things, they can simply go there to hang out and play games, like pool.
The program has been steadily building the last 4 years, but is still aiming to improve. Rahul says, “I guess our goal is to continue to grow, If there is something we don’t have right now, we want to give it to the students.”
Students who are interested in coming to Futurama can walk in anytime after school until 6 pm, which is especially convenient for students on a sports team that can swing by after practice. Student-athlete Ben Ngo from the wrestling team said, “I like that they have lunch for us, I can usually just walk down to the first floor, just go in, get whatever I need, and head out.”

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