The Regrowth of AVID

By Tyler Huey, Staff Writer


AVID Seniors at Galileo takes a college tour around San Jose State University

The AVID program at Galileo has been around since 1992, making AVID at Galileo the longest running AVID program in the SFUSD. However, the program took a serious decline because of budget cuts in 2012. 20% of the AVID classes were affected, the most of any other programs and classes at the school as the he number of sections of AVID classes offers were dropped from 8 classes to just 5. But over the past 4 years, Galileo’s AVID program is once again growing, currently at 7 AVID classes, and is hoping to have 8 or more sections in the coming years.

One of the reasons AVID is growing in popularity again at Galileo is because more parents and students are recognizing the importance of college, and the AVID program helps students prepare for college, as well as helping them to apply to colleges. Being part of AVID also gives a more rigorous curriculum which can look better on a transcript when applying to colleges. Galileo AVID counselor, Ms. Marshman said, “AVID ensures that college is a viable option for students and it creates a sense of community and family that is made throughout the years.”

Many AVID students believes that AVID does a great job in assisting them through the college process, as well as helping them overall as a student. Senior Jenny Liu says, “I like how it supports us and help us research colleges and helps with financial aid.” Jenny also mentions how AVID has made her grow as a student, saying, ”AVID has taught me how to do tutorial and group work. It also taught me how to study as a group and made me more comfortable asking questions about the material.” Senior Julio Perez, agrees with Jenny, saying, “AVID made me more responsible when it comes to homework.” Julio also notes that AVID made him more informed about colleges.

Besides just seniors, AVID students in other grades also have positive things to say about their AVID experience.  Freshmen Connie Sung, so far enjoys her AVID experience saying, “ It helps me stay organized and helps me with my other classes.” Sophomore Nathan Tang added, “it keeps me on track of what to do and keeps me organized. I can also get help from other people with the same problems as me by doing tutorials and it can give me a higher chance of getting into college.”

Other students mention that the requirements of AVID help them in other areas of academics as well. Junior Kevin Lin said, “the planners that AVID requires really help me because i now use it everyday and implement it to my everyday life. Kevin adds, “AVID also looks good to colleges and makes me look like I’m committed.” In full agreement, Junior Justin Mac said, “AVID is a way to plan my life and it gives me college career credits.”

It has helped me be more organized and makes me get better grades in my other classes. The vocabulary we learn in class helped me expand my vocabulary and the past 2 years in AVID has really helped me prepare for college and other things,” said sophomore Ashley Roliz.

The AVID program is not only growing at Galileo, but overall in the SFUSD as well. The growth of AVID in the district can be attributed to former Superintendent Carlos Garcia who liked AVID because of the fact that it helped students grow and that it helped them prepare for college. Because of this he put in money to have AVID be headquartered in the SFUSD.

As of this year, AVID is now in 14 different schools and 4 AVID excel schools for english learners in the SFUSD, this is for middle and high schools. There is also a possibility that an elementary school might adopt AVID as well.

AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination and is a college preparatory elective class. In high school, it is taken for four years and includes requirements such as; Cornell Notes, Tutorials, writing assignments, binder checks, and much more. There are a few ways to get into AVID program; your 8th grade counselor can nominate you, or your 9th or 10th grade teachers can nominate you too but slots  are fewer  for those already in high school.  Some factors that come into play when being accepted are that you have to have a 2.0 to 3.5 GPA, proficient test scores, and college potential.

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