Teachers Bike to School

By George Jirayut Mahaprom, staff writer


Mr. Stone and his road bike

For teachers, getting to Galileo each morning can be a challenge. Teachers get stuck in traffic, it can cost a lot of money to pay for gas or Muni/Uber and it can be difficult to find parking.  In order to overcome these obstacles, teachers are starting to bike to school instead. Not only do teacher find biking a way to beat the challenges of getting to school by driving, but they also say they rather commute by bicycle because it is a good way to workout in the morning and it’s a good reason to wake up earlier.

“It’s a nice way to wake up in the morning, a good exercise, and I get to work sooner because I don’t have to find a parking spot for my car,” says history teacher, Mr. O’Connor, who has been biking to school for the last 2 years. Math teacher Mr. Page, who has been biking to school for the last 10 years, adds, “I like it for the exercise, starting the day by biking to wake myself up.”

In addition to the health benefits of riding a bike, teachers also have their own personal reasons for riding their bike to school. “I like riding a bicycle [to school] because it saves me money. I like to bike around usually, because me and my wife are both teacher, we have a boy, so we don’t have a lot of time to exercise, so biking is the best way to exercise,” says math teacher Mr. Stone, who has been biking to Galileo High school for 5 years. “I really enjoy riding in the morning because there is not a lot of people in the street,” says Art teacher Coach mark, who rides to school 3 times a week.

Whether it’s one reason or many, teachers all say that there is really no downside to riding a bike to school. History teacher Mr. Lynch says, “I ride a bicycle to school because it’s much faster than cars and other reasons such as saving money, keep me in shape, environmental friendly.”

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