Walking Out With A Purpose

By Joshua Lizardo, Staff Writer

Students from San Francisco high schools participated in a unified walkout protesting America’s recent President elect, Donald Trump.  Galileo students began their walkout on Thursday November 10th at 9 AM  and proceeded down Van Ness, where they would meet up with student from other high schools, including, Washington, Lowell, Burton high schools and others.  Students walked towards the Ferry building, and circled back to school, where for many Galileo students, the walkout came to an end.












(clockwise) 1. Students march towards the ferry building, shutting down market street, in non-violent protest.

2. Senior Galileo football player, Connor Chavela walks down Van Ness with fellow peers.
3. Passionate students voicing their beliefs, morals, and representing their countries with pride.

4. Seniors Brittnay Robinson(Middle), Christine Lam(Right), Michelle Leon(Left), stand together along with students from allover the bay area.


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