After Election, Students Want Voices Heard

By Ameesia Marold, staff writer

About 110 Galileo students participated in a peaceful protest on Thursday, November 10th to voice their feelings about new president elect Donald Trump. Students wanted to express their outrage at the country’s decision to elect Trump, and their inability to take part of the election process. The protest started at 9am at the front gate and marched down to city hall to meet students from several other schools citywide. The march continued to the ferry building, and around embarcadero back to Galileo.

The students were escorted by faculty from school; Assistant Principal Mr. Emmi, 11th grade counselor Ms. Sanchez, and Principal Dr. Reimer. “I wanted to make sure you guys [the students] were safe, I don’t know other people in the community, or in the protest, I wanted you [students] to be safe on the way,” said Dr. Reimer. He added, “The students did it respectfully, politely, and the right way to protest”.

The protest was started by Galileo Senior, Emily Montiel. She posted the idea to hold a walkout on Instagram and inspired many other students from schools citywide to participate. “The night he [Trump] was elected I felt disgusted and sad, I couldn’t just sit on my butt and do nothing. I was most worried about my family and friends, which I know are undocumented. It hit close to home. That’s when I wrote the post,” said Emily.

The student decided to participate in the protest for varying reasons. Some participated because they disliked Trump’s plans for the country.“Although I’m not old enough to vote I don’t agree with our country choosing someone racist, sexist, and who doesn’t care. That is why I joined.” said junior Millen Marradaza.

Senior Marvell Despanie said, “It was really cool and good for the students to come together and do something as one. I joined because I dislike Trump’s idea”. Senior Emiliano Guerrero added, “I don’t agree with his ideas but I don’t think it did anything.”

Other students protested because they wanted to be heard. “I like that all the youth rallied together and supported the cause they believe in. I joined because the youth have no voice and we should change that,” said junior Antonio Lewis.

The students even inspired those outside of the Galileo community. Dr. Reimer received a letter briefly after the protest from someone living near the school. “As I looked at you [students], I saw what makes this country of ours so great…This diversity is what makes us stronger,” said the anonymous neighbor.

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