Galileo’s Beauty

By Raine Beale Boles, Staff Writer

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Galileo High school was recently named one of the most “beautiful” high school campuses in California by the company, Aceable, on Twitter. According to the article, what puts Galileo above the majority of California schools is it’s unique architecture, and the observatory, which not many other schools have. Including an open courtyard, and a nice view of the field and pier, Galileo clocks in at number thirty-three in the top forty most beautiful schools of California.

The school’s look is appreciated by students and staff for having such nice aesthetics. Dr. Reimer, who retweeted the article stated, “I was thrilled when I double checked the article to see that we had come in at number 33. Galileo is one of the only or one of the  few high schools that has an observatory.”

Students have their own opinion on the most beautiful aspects of Galileo. Some students believe that the courtyard stands out the most at Galileo. Senior Erica F. commented, “I like the courtyard. It’s my favorite, especially on a sunny day. It’s really nice, especially when we have activities.” Senior Jason A. added, “I like the courtyard because it’s very colorful and there’s places to go sit down for lunch or just go chill with friends.”

Other students thought that the field stood out more.  “I have a lot of memories and experience on the field and I think it’s really nice because we also just got new turf a couple years ago that still in really good condition,” said senior Priscilla L. “The field would probably my favorite beautiful place in Galileo because it shows really nice views of the City,” said 10th grader Judith M.

A few students couldn’t choose just one area of Galileo, and just enjoy the overall beauty. Senior Arion W. said, “we have a beautiful view of Ghirardelli and the ocean along with Alcatraz  and the Golden Gate Bridge with Fort Mason so I think that we’re winning.” Senior Corina C. expresses her point of view on Galileo, saying, “I think Galileo really pretty compared to other schools and it looks a lot better.”

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