Netflix binge worthy shows to watch over Winter Break

By George Jirayut Mahaprom and David Zhu Staff writers

Have nothing to do over Winter break and a Netflix subscription? Netflix has over 1,500 tv show series to binge on. It would be impossible to watch all of them so we  picked out four shows that are interesting and captivating.

Luke Cage
Luke Cage is a show from the franchise of the Marvel universe. It starts in the neighborhood in Manhattan, New York called Harlem, where most of the African-American people live. Luke cage came to restart a new life, but problem rolls in. He is trying to rebuild a new life as trying to find peace, but instead, he got involved in a gang in Harlem paradise, that caused him more and more trouble as the shows go on. If you want a different spin on the usual superhero series from Marvel Universe it’s worth the time.

Why it’s binge-worthy : An outstanding show with action, drama, and a superhero. It’s easy to  get hooked on this show because it features a different type of superhero, an African American who has a hard time embracing his superpowers.


Stranger Things
A 12-year-old boy disappeared one night, and his mom became crazy trying to find his son. The chief of police start his own investigation to find the boy, meanwhile, the three best friend of the lost boy also start to also search their lost best friend, but instead found a girl at the same age as them, asking her help to find the lost friend, but was much harder and more paranormal stuff start to begin. This show has a great story and makes you anticipate for more.

Why it’s binge-worthy : Watching this supernatural, science fiction, horror show is such a thrill! It’s a great experience full of goosebumps and “jump scares”. Despite all the fright, the show  hooks you with an amazing story.


Hawaii 5-0
A crime scene investigation show based in the Islands of Hawaii. The series covers the actions of a small, specialized state police task force (5-0) in Hawaii, headed by Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett. With each episode finishing you get more and more into the show because of the plot and how it continues to thicken. If you like Bones, Criminal Minds, and any of the NCIS/CSI with a little drama then this shows will be perfect for you.

Why it’s binge-worthy : This show is in one of the most beautiful settings ever, and it is filled with police crime-solving.  More than just a murder mystery, this show also features the main character’s family problems and a special task force.


Grey’s anatomy

greys-anatomy-castA drama show based in a hospital setting and with a bit of romance. The medical drama series focuses on a group of doctors at a hospital in Seattle, including several who began their careers at the facility as interns. Each episode has a new patient and more drama. There is a cliffhanger at the end of most of the episodes so you just You can’t stop watching because with every episode passing it gets more and more intense and interesting.

Why it’s binge-worthy : This show offers a different twist on your average drama series, with a bit of romance mixed in . The show gives the audience the perspective of what it’s like to be in a doctor’s shoes & scrubs.  The show is also filled with cliffhangers so you will just want to keep watching.


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