One School Dance A Year?

By Stephanie Ho and Joseline Saucedo, Staff Writers

Homecoming 2015  Pic. Credit: David Zhu

15 years ago, Galileo High School hosted dances nearly every month, but attendance for these dances started dropping, and in turn, the school hosted less & fewer dances. Now, attendance at dances has been so bad that there is a possibility of having only 1 school dance per year. ASB advisor Mr. Wing is greatly concerned about the issue. He says, “If this [poor attendance] continues, there will only be one dance a year, which is prom. There wouldn’t be any more homecoming dances, winter ball dances, boat dances, and more that we have every year.”

The biggest issue surrounding dances is the class or ASB losing money because of the low attendance . In a recent article published by Galileo Press about the recent homecoming dance, the article stated that students thought the dance itself was great, but that it had a very low number of attendees. Since there was such a low number of dance attendees, the ASB ended up paying $5000, half of what the dance cost.

Another reason the school loses money at dances is because some people try to attend without a ticket. “Sometimes when there are big dances like the prom and homecoming, students try to sneak their friends into the hotel,” says Mr. Wing. There have been cases where people successfully sneak in, but it’s a loss of money for Galileo. The homecoming dance costs around $10,000, while the prom costs around $40,000 and having people sneak in affects the profits gained from the dances.

Some believe the decreasing attendance has to do with the way dances are advertised. Students may not be aware enough of the upcoming dances as Galileo Principal Dr. Reimer, points out that the way the dances are currently advertised might not be the best. He said, “From a marketing standpoint if it was me, I would tweet this out, put it on Instagrams or twitter [so that more people would know more about the dance].”


Prom 2016 Pic. Credit: David Zhu

Besides needing better advertising, the location and security are another reason many students may not attend dances. Some dances take place near the Fisherman’s Wharf and although it’s near Galileo, it doesn’t accommodate to everyone’s ideal location. “Maybe it has to do where students live. If they live close, they are mostly likely going to come, but if you live in the city there will be fewer people going”, says Dr. Reimer. “Some parents have concerns for their child’s well-being for security reasons and location reasons,” says Dr. Reimer. 

Students mention a number of different reasons why they don’t want to attend Galileo dances. Some students can’t afford to buy a ticket with the increase of prices. Others are unimpressed with the selection of entertainment and food options including the price, while some can’t handle the people around them including teachers who are too strict on dance nights. “The prices are too expensive and I have to pay for the food and it’s a waste of my money. From my dance experience, it really wasn’t worth it”, said Amy Huang Chi.

One thing that could help reverse this trend is more students attending the upcoming Winter Ball dance. This year, the Winter Ball dance is being held at Hyatt Hotel near Fisherman’s Wharf. It is on Wednesday, December 14th, the last day of finals. The school chooses this date because they wanted the students to celebrate and relax after working hard during finals. Also, the Winter Ball dance includes karaoke, free food, and free drinks. The dance cost starts at $25 and goes up to

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\$5 every week.

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