Lion’s Football Last Stand

By Joshua Lizardo, Staff Writer

WOWGalileo’s varsity football team stood tall and ready on November 17th as they prepared for a playoff game that could ultimately be the last football game for this group of seniors.  The team was anxious to get on the field and fight like there’s no tomorrow. The Lions (2-4) took the field against an undefeated Mission Bears squad ready to take them down, but it was not to be this day, the Lions fell to the Bears 49-26.

The first half was a disaster, the Lions fumbled on the first play of the game, & had a touchdown called back. A lot of their confidence was drained going into the half, with the score of 27-6, Mission. The team as a whole, had a lot of missed tackles, and opportunities that they failed to capitalize on; their time was running out. Junior, Ronald Fox said, “Our defense wasn’t executing.”

The second half was a different story for the the Lions  as they came out fighting. The Lions had 3 scores in the second half, one each from position Juniors Ronald Fox and Jackie Guo scored, along with freshman RB Yarvell Smith. It seemed like the Lions could possibly mount a comeback.

In the end though, their defense could not hold up, as they missed tackle after tackle, and ultimately dug too deep a hole in the first half to be able to stage a full comeback.

For many it was the last organized football game they would play until next year, and for some it was the last game they would play ever.

Despite the loss though, many of the players, specifically the seniors, didn’t focus on just this game, but on their overall experience as a Lion.  Senior, Demaje Ardis, was heartbroken and sad about the game, but he was more happy because he enjoyed his time playing at Galileo.

The loss really was a shock to the team though, especially because of the WOW 4outstanding way they competed in their last regular season matchup with Mission, only losing in the last 30 seconds of the game. Senior Connor Chavela was in disbelief,  “Damn,” he said, realizing that his high school football career was
over. Senior Donovan Hasson, was also disappointed at the loss, but couldn’t be mad about the time he spent here at Galileo, especially remembering playing on varsity since his sophomore year. This senior class had a bond like no other.. Donovan said, “They are my brothers, I went to war with them and we fought as a team till the end and I’m going to remember them forever. From this senior class to the next, We’ll always “REP THE G!”


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