Lions Whisper: Holiday Polls 2016

By Ameesia Marold

With the Winter Break less than 2 weeks away Galileo students and staff answered the question, “What are your holiday traditions?”


“Get together with my family, hang out, we don’t go anywhere, make food, we have a Christmas tree and open presents.” -Lori P., 9th grade


“We always cook together as a family, all the kids decorate the tree together, and we cook gumbo every year.” -Antonio L., 11th grade


“I cook with the family and invite friends over to eat the food together. We always have a good time since it’s the holidays.” -Eber C. 12th grade


“I always celebrate Christmas, everyone is in a good mood, I like to eat a lot, spend time with the family, watch movies, and reflect on the year.” -Mr. Phelps, Librarian


“I do celebrate Christmas in a big way, we have a party when we decorate the tree, we make cookies, and the day of Christmas everyone wakes up and we open the gifts and have a big breakfast.” -Ms. Alicia, Spanish teacher


“This year I’m going to take some pictures with Santa Claus, not going to get a tree because I don’t have room, I’m planning for a good meal and calling all relatives and friends. I love to send out cards each year wishing people well.” -Coach Adams, PE teacher


“We go to my aunt’s house, we just party, we have a tree, we open presents, and when it’s all done we sing karaoke.” -John M., 10th grade


“I don’t celebrate Christmas, my sister visits from college and we’ll watch Studio Ghibli movies and eat food.” -Kimberly A., 12th grade


“I celebrate Christmas only with my family, not inside my own home. I binge watch shows, consume mass quantities sugar, and I workout.” -Ms. Wagner, English teacher

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