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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Q&A with Galileo AP, Mr. Emmi

This week I interviewed Stephen Emmi, the people personal services assistant principal, and his role in helping students at Galileo.

Q: What is your position at Galileo?
A: I am the People Personnel Services (PPS) Assistant Principal I oversee the counseling office, wellness center, and the dean’s office.

Q: Have you had a position as an Assistant Principal before?
A: I was a Dean here at Galileo my previous 2 years, so I’ve been with Galileo 3 years total and this is my first year being an assistant principal.

Q: Where are you from?
A: I grew up in Buffalo, New York

Q: What college did you graduate from?
A: I went to the University of Buffalo for my undergraduate then to Canisius college for my masters in Psychology.

Q: What are some of your hobbies?
A: Some of my favorite hobbies are swimming and reading, my favorite author is Margaret Atwood.

Q: What schools have you worked at before?
A: I’ve been in the SFUSD for 12 years I started at Nolan Maxwell as a Therapy Counselor, then Everett as a Counselor, Wallenberg as a Wellness Coordinator, became a Dean at Marshall, and then finally came to Galileo as a dean and became an assistant principal my third year here.

Q: What made you come to San Francisco?
A: I was doing health education in different schools, we were doing HIV and aids prevention implementing curriculum that UCSF was developing so I came out here for a couple of meetings and fell in love with it here, I had a couple of high school friends living here so I decided to apply for the job, got it and moved out here.

Q: Why did you choose Galileo?
A: I wanted to try something different, a new environment, and Galileo is a lot bigger school so I liked the challenge and chose to stay.

Q: How do you help students?
A: I am pretty inviting and open to supporting students however they need to be supported, also being a good advocate helping them inside and outside of school. I also help students through a collaboration with the counselors, but there are also students who just come in so I help them as well. So I either help them through their counselor or individually, sometimes I’m asked to help with individual students.

Q: What are some responsibilities of an Assistant Principal?
A: Besides overseeing the wellness coordinator and the counseling office I have parent teacher meetings, administration meetings, & I’m in charge of the master schedule. All assistant principals do classroom observations for the teachers so we supervise the teachers to see how the connection between teachers and students is.

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