5 Unique Gifts for Stocking Stuffers under $25


Looking for a great gift to stuff in someones stocking? Instead of looking all over the Internet or spending countless hours in the mall, the galileopress staff has put together a list of unique stocking stuffers to fit any number of people on your gift list.

Hand Crank Cell Phone Charger $25

chargerrHand crank cell phone charger is a power source for your phone with no outlet needed. You just crank it and you’ll get the battery for your phone that you need. This is great gift for stocking stuffer because it is portable, cheap on  electricity bill & good exercise.

Paperback Notepad: $7

notepadThe Paperback notepad is a phone case with sticky notes on the back. This is great stocking stuffer because we all know people can’t go anywhere without their phones,  and now they’ll also have a handy place to write on for reminders on the back of your phone.

Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream Pint Combination Lock Protector: $22

ice-creamKeep your favorite ice cream safe from thieving roommates/siblings with a combination pints lock. This is a great stocking stuffer because people rarely want to share ice cream, especially if it’s only a pint. This gift can help anyone keep make sure that they’ll have their ice cream still at home & not be mad at someone else for eating it.

Sriracha to go bottle keychain :$8

bottleSriracha to go bottle key chain is a portable bottle to put your sriracha sauce in.  This is a great gift for stocking stuffer because we all have the one friend who eats everything with hot sauce so why not have a portable key chain bottle on you all the time.

Phone- Wallet TrackR : $25

trackr21Phone-Wallet TrackR  is a tracker that can be handy when you are missing your wallet. Just stick the chip in your wallet and download the app on your phone and you won’t ever have to go through the struggle of finding your wallet again.. This is a great stocking stuffer gift because we all have that one clumsy and forgetful friend who loses everything. Now that they have the phone wallet TrackR they don’t have to go through the hassle of looking  for it ever again.

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