Ballin’ with Lady Hoopster Annie Wu

IMG_9928By Bryan Lam and David Zhu, Staff writers


After dropping a defender with a crossover during last season, junior point guard Annie Wu has been known as one of the best ball handlers on girls Galileo Varsity Basketball team. Her basketball handle helped her average about 15 points per game, while also dishing out 8 assists per game. As a returning Junior this year, her main focus and goal is to win more games than last year and hopefully help her team make the playoffs.

Annie Wu has come a long way in her basketball career in 6 years. Before she started playing on the varsity team in 9th grade, she had 3 years of experience playing basketball. She started playing basketball in the 6th grade at Marina Middle School. After watching her first NBA basketball game she wanted to give it a shot. Growing up her role model was Kobe Bryant. Annie says, “I fell into the bandwagon of Kobe Bryant and ever since then I loved watching him.” Without any hesitation, she tried out for girls Galileo Varsity team and made the team.

Although she was new to the school, she was not new to basketball. She averages 6 points per game and 5 assists during her freshman campaign. During her first game in high school, she was very nervous. Annie remembers saying to herself, “I just want to score and not get crosse.”

Some of the things that Annie has worked on to perfect her game is playing on a club basketball team called “Dragons.” While playing with the Dragons, she has worked on her shooting, dribbling, and footwork. It’s not all work for Annie though as she enjoys the competition outside of Galileo. Annie mentions, “It’s fun to play basketball outside of school because you get to play and meet new people.”

Before graduating Galileo, Annie hopes to win a championship. Annie says, “I just want to feel what Kobe [Bryant] felt winning his first championship.” She also hopes to pass on this message to her teammates, saying “Always have fun with basketball because you never know when you’ll ever play for a school again.”

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