Lion’s Whisper: New Year, New Me!

By Bryan Lam and Francis Roceta

As 2017 is now upon us, many people believe its time to make New Year Resolutions. Galileopress went around asking faculties and students what their New Years Resolutions are.

lori“I want to get at least a 3.0 because I want to transfer to SOTA (School of the Arts).                                      -Freshman, Lorrane P.





FullSizeRender (4)“I want to find a job so I can make money during the summer.”     – Sophomore, Josue N.





COMPRESSED“I want to get my abs back, and to be successful in school, earn money to buy a car, and to grow my hair.”      –  Junior, Jasmine F.






FullSizeRender“I want to brush my hair hair more because the females find my hair attractive when I brush it.”    – Senior, Demaje A.







FullSizeRender“My New Years resolution is to play the drums three times a week and to start exercising again and to write a poem or edit one every weekend.”       – Ms. Morrison (English Teacher).





ms chan-min“I want to be healthy and content, and try to sleep at 10.00 p.m every night.”        – Ms.Chan (College and Career Counselor).






seli“I want to drink more water and cut down on coffee because your body will work better if you drink a lot of water.”          – Mr. Selingson (Social Studies teacher).





FullSizeRender (4)“I want to think more positively in my mind than I ever had before and to work harder and enjoy life more.”           – Coach Adams (P.E teacher).



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