Winter Ball “Ice Cold Formal Affair” 2016

By Tyler Huey and David Zhu, staff writers

Continuing from the downfall of the Homecoming Dance, Galileo’s Winter ball plummeted in attendance with no more than 120 students. The ASB hoped that at least 300 students would attend the dance, especially because it was held on Wednesday, December 14th, the last day of finals so more students would be free to go. However, the actual turnout was the lowest in Galileo Winter ball history.

31360579790_fcca3545ac_zThe ASB decided to hold Winter ball on a Wednesday instead of the usual Friday, like other dances like Homecoming and Boat Dance because ASB advisor Mr. Wing thought more students would come to celebrate and relax after working hard during finals. Mr. Wing simply said, “students are uninterested in dances.”

Students claimed they didn’t want to go Winter ball for varying reasons. Some said it because it was on a Wednesday, it wasn’t publicized enough, the tickets were too expensive and or the location wasn’t convenient for. Junior Calvin L. said that no one asked him to go so, therefore, he just did not go. Junior Jeremiah M. said, “I heard it was going to be whack and none of my friends were going to go.”

31360591150_c6552596ed_zIt seems though that coming up with excuses not to go to the dance was better than actually going, as some students who went didn’t enjoy it at all.  “It sucked, no one was there except ASB office members,” Joshua L. stated. Senior Kiki M. added, “The dance wasn’t what I expected it to be”.

Other people had personal reasons why they didn’t want to attend the dance.“I didn’t go to winter ball because a lot of my friends weren’t going, a lot of us have spent money on college applications and didn’t have the money to spare for a dance. We already went to homecoming and winter ball was literally one month after so it didn’t seem like there was a point,” senior Winnie Z. said.

With the 2 school dances this year being poorly attended, the attendance at boat dance will determine if Galileo only has one dance next year. Mr. Wing stated, “if we don’t sell enough tickets (at least 400 tickets has to be sold) there will be only one dance next year which would be prom.” Another alternative of a dance would be a karaoke night which would be cheaper and there might be a possibility of more people going to it.

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