Why don’t we have heat sometimes ?

By Ameesia Marold, staff writer

Brrrr, it’s cold, & the school heating is not helping either. Over the past six weeks of unusually cold weather, Galileo’s heating system has often failed, leaving students and staff freezing. For example, on Friday, January 6th, the school went without heat for the first 3 periods, along with a number of schools in the district. Students and staff expect to come out of the bitter cold to a warm at school, but when that isn’t the case, many of them wonder why isn’t the heat on?

image1-8 The main reason there is no heat in the school on cold days is because the boilers don’t turn on when the heating system is turned on at the district office. When the boilers fail, according to Ms. Grinnell, administrative assistant, “Somebody has to physically come in and light them again.”Since Galileo has one of the oldest heating systems in the district, the failures are more frequent. Ms. Chen, Assistant Principal of Buildings and Grounds, adds,  “Nobody here is authorized or certified to turn on the boilers when they fail, and grounds prioritizes elementary and middle schools before us.”

Many students have complained about the lack of heat in the building. One students complained that they should just be left on. “It’s so cold, I am hypothermic because it is so cold, they need to be on 24/7,” said Junior Parker Jones. Another student complained that it affects his ability to focus and write, “The cold affects my everyday learning, if it’s too cold i can’t write,” said Senior Derek Davenport.

Although many students make a fuss over the lack of heat, some students think its just a matter of what other students wear. Junior Emiliano Guerrero said, “People just should wear jackets and stop complaining.”

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