Caution: “Senioritis” Lurking

by Angel Salado


Senioritis is the disease that I was constantly warned about throughout high school, but it all changed when I was staring down at my senior year. Facing college applications, deadlines, prom, graduation, it can be overwhelming, and when the slightest thought of being completely done consumed my body, senioritis took over. I started to get the constant feeling of being “tired” and I told myself I was tired so much, that I physically felt tired. That feeling had been caused by the rush of my fall semester almost ending and college application deadlines coming up. When I was done with college applications I felt like high school was over & I didn’t need to pay attention to my academics anymore. So my priorities shifted, I went from getting a head start on homework to hanging out with my friends, or procrastinating on my essay that was due at the start of next week.

Most of the time we believe it’s simply human nature to start on something then get tired of it. So the word “senioritis” didn’t even come to mind because I thought I was just getting tired of a topic, but then it carried over to all the assignments I had due. I got tired of working these assignments and didn’t want to finish them or just completely blow them off; then I started missing classes thinking I was done with the semester.

The simple cause of my senioritis is that I lost my motivation. I lost reasons to do the task at hand. In previous years, I cared about my GPA and what my mom would say about it. As a senior, I thought my GPA didn’t matter anymore because I was done with college applications and spring semester didn’t matter or count.

I was lucky though because I was shocked back into reality. Once grades were published and tests were returned, I looked at my low grades & thought, “I need to get my act together”. Sometimes seniors are able to bounce back from their disease and get their act together, but for those who do not fight the urge of senioritis, there may be huge consequences. Colleges have the power of rejecting applications if incoming freshman does not keep up their grades.

Seniors may ask themselves if there is a cure for senioritis because they don’t want to end up regretting their senior year. Simple ways to avoid or fight senioritis is set short term goals for yourself, a goal as simple as, finishing homework before going out with friends or, needing to study and understand the curriculum for American Democracy. Small goals make bigger goals come to a reality because at the end I realized that if I don’t pass a required class to graduate high school, yes graduation will come, but the question is will you be on stage wearing the purple or white gown on stage or the black cap and gown with students from all over the SF that were overrun by the terrible disease of senioritis and had to graduate during summer school?


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