The Good and the Bad About Driving to School: Student Edition

Senior Erica Fong, looks ahead for parking along Van Ness.

Not everyone has the opportunity or means to drive a car, especially when you’re in high school. Some students at Galileo are fortunate enough to enjoy the privileges and responsibilities that come with driving. While these students do enjoy the benefits of driving, they also face a number of difficulties as student drivers.

One difficulty that student drivers constantly face at Galileo is parking. With no student parking lot and the school located in a crowded area, parking is one of the most stressful aspects for students driving to school. “I really hate circling, and knowing some of my peers are also competing for parking, it’s more of like you’re going against time.  And in the morning especially when I have Coach Papa, I really make it a necessity to come extra early,” Says senior Michael Ng who has been driving since summer.

Another concern for student drivers is the recent construction around the school. Construction has been disruptive to the early morning commute, causing slow traffic and major bumps and dips in the road. Ria says, “Driving over bumpy roads are the worst, it makes me hop in my seat.” An anonymous student driver told Galileo Press, “I hate the construction, it takes longer to find parking because of it, circling, just waiting for someone to leave.” He added, chuckling, “I really like to keep my car clean, no scratch marks or anything, I’m all about being the right distance from the curb too, I don’t want to damage it in any way.”

The other problem for students drivers is giving others rides. Many feel like other students try to take advantage of them and it can become excessive.  Senior Mayali Nelson says the one thing she hates is when people ask for rides, especially when they constantly do so.  She said, “I try not to drive that much now, because of too many people asking, or if I do drive, I’ll keep it on the low.”

Although student drivers may run into a few issues, the overwhelming feeling of driving  for students beats out all of the negatives.  Student drivers have more freedom, more time to explore, and know what it’s like to somewhat be on their own. Erica Fong, Senior, said, “Not having to deal with the weather or even the traffic the bus has to face, it makes driving that much more convenient.”




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