Pathway fair


On Tuesday January 24, 2017, the Galileo Academies & Pathways held a pathway fair, organized by pathway coordinator, Mr. Andy Huang, for freshmen and sophomore, in the Van Ness gym. The goal of the fair was to show students what they would be learning from each of the pathways if they choose to join next year. There are 6 pathway at Galileo, including: Health Academy, Hospitality and Tourism (AOHT), Computer science, Environmental science, Media art, and Biotechnology. 

“The pathway fair went really well, we wanted the sophomore and freshmen to know what pathway they could choose for their next year.” said Mr. Huang



Teachers and staff introduce the Pathway fair to students.


Students walk to the pathway booth tables


Biotechnology pathway seniors talking to students about their pathway.


Health Academy students hand out brochures.










Marine Science pathway teachers Ms Kwan (L) & Franzen (R) talk to students  


Health Academy show how a defibrillator functions.

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