Corner Store Stories

By Daisy L. & Amesia M.


Amro Market is on the corner of Van ness and Chestnut St.

Each day many Galileo students race off campus to grab lunch. A majority of students end up at one of the local restaurants near Van Ness & Chestnut Street. Some of the most popular places to grab food are Chestnut Street Diner, First Cup, and Amro Market. What many students don’t know is that all 3 of these store owners are sisters, who intentionally bought stores next to each other to be close to one another. For the last
10 years, these sisters have been able to serve food to Galileo students during lunch, and enjoy each other’s company when the lunch rush is over.

Amro market has been in business the longest, 30 years. The owner, Kim, bought the store from a previous owner. She was the first of her sisters to purchase a store. She sells snack food because it is convenient, and was there previously. Kim explains, “Having a store near Galileo used to be very bad, it has
improved so much over the years”. She now enjoys serving students, and says that it is great for business.

Chestnut Diner has been in business for 13 years now. The owner, Yuong Hwa Kim, says that the building was recommended to her. She makes American cuisine because she has 30 years of experience making this kind of food. Yuong doesn’t have a special but is very proud to say that her home-fries are made from real potato, never frozen. Her daughter and son both work alongside her at the diner. Yuong says, “I enjoy serving high school students my homestyle food.”


First Cup Cafe is located right next to Amro Market.

First Cup has been there for over 12 years. The owner, Sarah An, chose her location because it is next to her sisters. First Cup sells curry, lemon chicken, pastries, snacks, and bagels. She sells this food because the previous owner sold it. The special at First Cup is the sandwich. Sarah An says, “I like working with high schoolers everyday, it is good for business”.

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