Lion’s Values on Point

Be Safe. Be Respectful. Be Responsible. Galileo students heard these 3 phrases often as they came back from Winter Break to start the second semester. Many students wondered what these values were all about. It turns out that these are the three Galileo’s Lion’s Values, created by a team at Galileo to help students get a concise & easy understanding of what is important to the school.

“The Lion’s Values provide a quick overview of what we stand for as a school, so be safe, be respectful, and be responsible,” said assistant principal Mr. Emmi.

The Lions values were created by a group of Galileo staff members called the PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) team. The team support students academically and behaviorally, and also encourages students to know what is expected of them in school. “[The PBIS] was formed because the members in our [Galileo] community should be given an opportunity to reflect on our actions,” says Mr. Mendribil, one of the members. He also believes, “they were created to create a sense of community and consistency at Galileo.”

The PBIS team is made up of all different staff members at Galileo, including; Mr. Emmi (Assistant Principal), Ms. Galdamez (Counselor), Mr. Amador (Counselor), Mr. Mendribil (French), Mr. McDowell (Health Academy), Mrs. Ford (Math), and Dean Frazer.

Although the values were created by the PBIS team, the majority of the Galileo staff had a chance to give input on the Lion’s Value during professional development. The PBIS team also worked with the Health Ed teachers at Galileo to ask for student input into the values.

The PBIS team hopes that by students & staff knowing the values, it will mean less discipline within the school. “Hopefully this will affect classes positively, students doing better, as in, less referrals and less suspensions,” said Ms. Ford. She also stated, “[Students] should use them everyday and encourage their peers to use them too.”

According to Mr. Emmi, Galileo is actually late in getting these values out to students. Many schools around the district started talking to students about this about three years ago, but Galileo was actually the last to start. Incoming high school students should be able to explain the values from their previous school.

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