Yuyang’s speech helps repeal Exclusionary Act

Galileo ASB President, Yuyang Z. speaks in front of The Board of Education

Galileo ASB President Yuyang Z., along with members of The Association of Chinese Teachers (TACT) spoke at the the SFUSD School Board on behalf of a Resolution put forth by Commissioners Murase and Cook to repeal the 1906 Exclusionary practices of SFUSD, and increase the number of Asian American books in the SFUSD Recommended Reading List, on Thursday the 26th of January,

Yuyang was given the opportunity to speak on behalf of Galileo and all Asian American students in the district by AVID counselor and TACT Vice President, Ms. Marshman.

Yuyang accepted the offer to speak in front of the Board of Education because, as an immigrant, he felt offended, that the culture and heritage of Asian Americans weren’t practiced, especially in a school with a 60% Asian population. He says, “when I first heard about this, I was shocked, and thought it was pathetic that our school district didn’t acknowledge the Asian culture as much as others.”

Knowing that he was the only student speaker & that he had a hand in effecting change, Yuyang felt it was a privilege to speak for Asian American students. He said, “I felt really honored, and I’m also glad that the Board of Education is doing something to spread the Asian American culture.

Ms. Marshman was also very proud of Yuyang. She said, “His speech was full of passion and he really made his voice stand out for the Asian population in San Francisco.”

In the early 1900s, there were exclusionary practices that characterized Asians, meaning that they were to attend the oriental schools. They segregated all the Asian students, predominantly Chinese, into the one oriental school, Commodore Stockton. Although all of the schools eventually became diversified, there was no formal repeal of SFUSD’s exclusionary practices.

With this recent decision to approve the resolution, it would officially repeal these practices, and add more books about Asian Americans that are on the recommended reading list. As a whole, the SFUSD demographics of Asian Americans in the schools, is around 40%. The amount of books by Asian Americans is 0.01%, where the amount of Asians at these schools as a whole is close to half of the population.

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