Trending Now: Adidas Yeezys

By Raine B.

I love Kanye may be the title of a song, but it must be true based on the popularity of the “Yeezys”, Kanye West’s brand of athletic shoes manufactured by Adidas.  The shoes range between $130 to $585 dollars depending on the model.

Yeezys are most popular for people between the ages of 10-45 men and women, but more specifically high school students. A lot of people who want Yeezys are people who are called “Hype Beasts”-people who are into the latest  fashion of clothes and shoes and will pay any amount to get them.

The pro of  owning a pair of Yeezys is how envious other people are of your shoes, but the thing that’s not so great about them are how expensive they are.

Yeezys are a very exclusive shoe that are not easy to get. One way to get them is by downloading the Adidas Confirmed app and signing up for a raffle at a chance of winning a pair of Yeezys to buy for retail price. Other ways of getting these shoes are waking up super early on Saturday morning and waiting in line at stores like Footlocker and Adidas.

Yeezys aren’t easy to get so if you want some Yeezys, but can’t get your hands on a pair there are lots of brands out there copying the looks of Yeezys.  Places like Ross and Marshalls sell shoes that look like Yeezys if you don’t care about the authenticity.


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