Galileo Girls Soccer Team

IMG_0498-minBy Raine B.

Although over half of last year’s girls Galileo soccer team graduated & the team has a brand new coach, expectations are still high as they expect to go back to the playoffs once again. Even though last year’s players are gone their competitors are still the same. Senior and captain Tianmei G. said “Our biggest competition is Lowell, Lincoln, and Washington but all the schools will make us work hard to do our best.” and 2nd Captain Joyce Li states “Wash and Lincoln is one of our biggest competitors but mostly Lowell.” Along with all of the new players added to the team Galileo’s Girls Soccer Team also has a new coach which girls think that “I think our new coach needs more structure but he has really good drills and is pretty organized.” also quoted by Joyce Li 12th grader. Girls soccer team’s best player in the opinions of the Captain thinks Angie G. and Parker J. are the best players on the team and we should definitely keep an eye out for them. “Our best player right now is Angie because she’s really fast.” “Parker is one of our best players because she is really good with her footwork and is really flexible with her positions.” With players gone due to graduating Coach Papa and Two of the Captains all have mixed feelings about this year’s team. “I don’t think we’ll get as far because we had a lot of good players who have been playing here at Galileo for a long time.” – 12th grader Tianmei G., “In my opinion, I think we’ll make it just as far without the previous players because we got a lot of new players with new abilities to play.”- 12th grader Joyce L. and new coach Papa stated “The girl’s soccer team has a lot of spunk and drive I think we’ll have a great team this year. We have a great mixture of different skills.”


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