Best Valentine’s day movies; Guy Edition

imgresBy Victor Ortiz and Tyler Huey

With Valentine’s day coming up, the guys from journalism came up with the top 3 movies to watch for Valentine’s day with your significant other. We picked these for multiple kinds of guys out there, the emotional guys, classy guys, and the nerdy guys. All of them being enjoyable, unique, and genuine.


What it’s about: After Wade Wilson finds the love of his life, he is diagnosed with cancer. Unable to bear the news, he undergoes a mysterious health recovery process, leaving him with an awful appearance but crazy superpowers. Wade then has to fight bad guys in order to save his loved one back.

Why you should watch it with your V-Day Date: This is a great movie to watch because it reminds us that looks aren’t everything in a relationship. There is also a ton of humor and action in the movie entertaining for every audience member to enjoy.

Best Scene to get close with your V-Day Date: Wade takes off his mask and finally reveals his disfigured face to his girlfriend, and despite his appearance, they have a satisfying kiss.


What it’s about: As Rose Dewitt tells a story from her past life she talks about a journey she had to go through when she was younger and met the love of her life, Jack Dawson, on the Titanic.

Why you should watch it with your V-Day Date: “Titanic” is based on true events, but mixing this tragedy with a fictional couple and their spark really makes this a must see movie.

Best Scene to get close with your V-Day: The couple are at the bow of the ship, Jack is standing behind Rose, holding onto her warmly as they look onto the horizon, as if they a free from everything, while the song “My Heart Will Go On” plays in the background.


What it’s about: As Pat Solatano, who has bipolar disorder, works to recover his job and wife, he meets a woman, Tiffany, who suffers from depression. She agrees to help him in his endeavor,  however things get complicated as she asks for favors in return. Eventually their psychotic selves start to catch up with both of them.

Why you should watch it with your V-Day Date: This movie is extremely enjoyable for couples and even single people, because of the interesting premise, clever writing, and 5-star performances. It also adds a nice change of pace to romantic movies because of its grounded and under stylized nature.

Best Scene to get close with your V-Day: The most lovable scene is when Pat and Tiffany perform a dance routine at a fancy get together in front of multiple judges and they receive a certain score.

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