By Tyler Huey


Being the best players on the girls Galileo soccer team is really no surprise as junior Parker J.  has been playing soccer since she was 5 years old. Parker has started at the forward position for the Galileo since she was a freshman, averaging 3 goals per game. She led the team in scoring this season, although she only averaged 1 goal per game.

She started soccer when she was in kindergarten, playing on a co-ed school team, and she loved it. From there, she has continued to be inspired to play soccer.“I love soccer. It allows me to be creative on the field and I love teamwork,” says Parker.

Parker’s love for soccer was inspired primarily by 2 people. The first is Lionel Messi, a famous professional soccer player who plays for FC Barcelona in Spain, and the other is her club soccer. Her coach has been a great source of inspiration for her particularly because of the story he told her where he walked from Argentina to Brazil to try out for a soccer team (roughly 1,812 miles).

Although Parker has a deep love for the sport, this year’s school season has not been the best of her soccer days. This year’s team had a lot of inexperienced players compared to last year, and it put a lot more pressure on Parker as one of the few experienced players on the team. While she does frustrate often because a lot of the players have never played soccer before, she thinks it is awesome for people to come out and play. She says, “ School soccer is fun though because I get to play with some classmates.”

While school soccer is fun for Parker, she devotes a lot of her energy into playing club soccer. Parker has played club league soccer the last 7 years for SF United. She said, “playing club is completely different from school because the speed and intensity levels are higher in the club and it is more competitive.” Since she has been playing with her club for 7 years, her team has a close bond and has a lot of chemistry.

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